What People Say About Us

Jarno Venturini
Hotel Espoir & Residence Trompe-L'Oeil - Ayas (AO)
I doubled turnover in my two facilities

I have collaborated for 3 years with the Franco Grasso Revenue Team with excellent results from all points of view: from occupancy to turnover to brand reputation. Growth over all the years that has led me to almost double my turnover at both facilities.
A special mention for my Forecast Manager Julian Ndrejaj, always willing to help and well-prepared even for my thousands of questions.
Trust me, you won’t regret it!!!
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Nicola Fabiano
Porsenna Resort - Castiglione del Lago (PG)
Commendable results, right from the start we had an increase in bookings

My structure has been supported by the Franco Grasso Revenue Team for two years. Right from the start we had an increase in bookings.
Alice Caddeo, my Forecast Manager, took care of the start-up of the facility with commendable results. She continues to play a very important role for us. I would like to point out that Alice has been well-prepared, professional and serious right from the start.
I thank Alice above all and the entire team for their achievements.

Martina Vlana Costa
Albergo Santa Maria - Chiavari (GE)
Essential support for those who want to improve

Extraordinary willingness to help and professionalism.
An indispensable support in the daily effort always to improve. Thank you.

Marco Notarangelo
Torre Santamaria - Mattinata (FG)
Positive experience, we will have much to enjoy in the future too

Our experience with the Franco Grasso Revenue Team was certainly positive.
Firstly, in our first year of operation [2017], they helped us in the start-up phase, giving us useful advice and directions on what steps to take.
The human and the working relationships with the team members are excellent, they are good workers and excellent professionals.
They always show a willingness to help and have the skills to deal with problems, looking for the best solutions.
We have great expectations for this second year of collaboration. We are confident that, together with them, we will have much to enjoy.

Antonella Chessa
Hotel Su Barchile - Orosei (NU)
Let the team guide you, the results will arrive

We have been working with the Franco Grasso Revenue Team for 4 years.
The start was difficult, changing our MO and our approach, whether they concerned accounting or with customers. We are in the 2.0 era, every piece of information recorded 2 years ago is already old, obsolete, so the new watchwords are flexibility and dynamism. Both online and within the company, with all the staff, even when the staff are Mamma and my brother!
Great discussions, but in the end the invoices and tools spoke clearly, so let’s welcome the innovations, let’s rely on those who know more than the hotelier, whether they are a waiter, cook, accountant or even parents sometimes!
Bring on the costs of consulting that are less than a hotel secretary can cost you, who you have to tell what to do (assuming you have time), while with the Revenue Manager Team they are the ones to tell you what to do and to teach you how to manage your time better and earn more.
I highly recommend them to those who have a small family-run hotel. Trust them, let yourself be convinced, let them do it, let them decide for you because the results will come.
Thanks to everyone.
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Alfredo Crea
Hotel Ulisse - Ischia (NA)
Following the team's suggestions, the results get better year after year

For years now I have been following the suggestions of Franco Grasso and his team with excellent results.
I consolidated the relationship last year and as I expected, the results were even better.
Meetings with Daniela Costigliola, our Forecast Manager, are so very profitable but never enough.

Nicola Bua
Lancaster Hotel - Milano
The Revenue & Brand Reputation pairing ensures excellent and long-lasting results

The method adopted by the team works! In the first phase, occupancy and brand reputation are optimised; in the second phase, the occupancy rate achieved is maintained and average room rates are improved and therefore profits too.
Obviously, to optimise the process, the hotel must do its part: encouraging excellent reviews and investing part of the profits in improvements to the facility.
If well done, the Revenue & Brand Reputation pairing generates a virtuous circle with consistent and lasting results for the facility.
An excellent relationship with the Forecast Manager, always willing to help and attentive. 24-hour support is very useful: the portals are always up to date and the rooms are ready to let out!
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Mirco Mengucci
Hotel Ramona - Rivazzurra di Rimini (RN)
Revenue has changed my life: I will buy another hotel

Thanks to some of my partners (Gianni) I have embarked on this new adventure. In the end I have to say that I am very satisfied with both the work and the higher quality of my own and my family’s personal life. So much so that I’m seriously considering expanding my facility, buying another hotel adjacent to mine. Thanks again to all the staff of the Franco Grasso Revenue Team, especially to Marina, my tutor.

Rita Frojo
Hotel Villa Marina - La Maddalena (SS)
More customers (+70%) and more positive reviews in no time

We decided to collaborate with the Franco Grasso Team 2 years ago. Despite initial fears about the drastic changes in the tariff strategy, we immediately recorded an increase in production of over 70%, resulting in an increase in customers and in positive reviews. Our contact person has always been ready and willing, as well as professional.

Gianluca Amadei
Hotel Figaro - Pesaro (PU)
Mine was a seasonal hotel, now it operates all year round

After two years of collaboration I certainly have only positive impressions about choosing to seek the advice of Franco Grasso. This has allowed me to turn my business upside down for the better and make Revenue our main mission in the company (but certainly externally too, concentrating on staff training).
Specifically, the relationship with our Forecast Manager, Riccardo Moglioni, was a combination it would be simplistic to call winning. Riccardo has always been a leader on the spot. His advice has enabled the passage of our hotel (today 2 hotels being advised on) from a simple seasonal hotel (which worked with groups, agencies, a price list and the kitchen as the only tool to bring work inside the hotel) to a hotel that works all year round, applying Revenue in a systematic way. Advice that over time has trained me and consequently the reception employees who daily follow the directions that Riccardo transmits to us.
Thank you for everything, Riccardo!

Daniela Frojo
Hotel Il Gabbiano - La Maddalena (SS)
A serious and professional team guarantees our continuous growth

Hotel Il Gabbiano has been collaborating with the Revenue Team for 2 years. It is by our side with seriousness and professionalism, ensuring continuous growth.
Our Revenue Manager is always reachable by phone and online. Always ready to give the right advice and guide us to courageous and productive choices.

Martina Terenzi
Hotel Thea - Gabicce Mare (PU)
A very efficient team and a significant increase in turnover

I am happy with the work done by Ennio Peronti and all the staff. They are always very attentive and timely in giving answers and solutions to every request. They produce very efficient dynamic tariffs, this has allowed a considerable increase in turnover. Now let’s start again at New Year and make it a Great 2018.

Marco Spatolisano
Hotel Continental - Reggio Calabria
After three years of collaboration I can say with certainty that Massimo Diodato is one of the best in the team.

His ability to solve any type of problem, to know what is best for the company – combined with the greatest willingness to help and his candid manner – make him an excellent Forecast Manager, so much so that the general feeling is of having a business partner rather than someone from outside the hotel.

Sabrina Carletti
Hotel I Platani - Monteriggioni (SI)
Amazing results even in low season

We have been consulting with the Franco Grasso Revenue Team since September 2016. In one year we have understood, thanks to the new sales strategies, the potential of our facility. There were substantial increases in turnover in the high season, but it was in the low season that we were able to see the best results, reaching an occupancy rate that we would never have believed.
Initially we were a little disoriented faced by the fluctuation of tariffs (at certain times they were very, very low) but when the results are tangible – and bit by bit we began to understand the concept of Revenue – we realised that it was the right way, the right method to make it happen.
The Revenue Team (and the Forecast Manager on our case) are always willing to help and very professional.
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Agriturismo Frontemare - Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE)
Consistent growth and nothing but satisfied customers

We have had support since the start of our business. We have grown steadily together, achieving unexpected results. We have managed to combine customer satisfaction with impressive daily, monthly and annual production.

Marcello Acerbi
43 Station Hotel - Milano
Very satisfying room occupancy rate

It was very important for us to start collaborating at the beginning of May 2017, that is shortly after the opening of the facility, present for many years in the area but renovated from top to bottom.
This collaboration has allowed us to achieve very satisfactory levels of room occupancy. We expect to fully benefit from the expertise of “our” Revenue Manager Ennio Peronti in the coming year.

Nicoletta Nannelli
Villa i Tigli - Venturina Terme (LI)
Goals achieved thanks to the enthusiasm and professionalism of the team

The professionalism and passion that the entire Revenue team bring daily in carrying out their work is extraordinary, so much so that they transmitted it to me when in the 2016/2017 season I approached this new facility. This enthusiasm has had a positive impact on the objectives that we have managed to achieve together. The Forecast Manager accompanied me step by step; the “tutor” showed excellent skills, indicating the guidelines for starting this path from an organisational and operational point of view. My judgement was excellent.

Cosimo Modugno
Hotel Castellinaria - Polignano a mare (BA)
Good results in a short time

We had 100% responsiveness and quick answers to our problems.
We have achieved very positive results.

Rachele Nannini
Hotel Morandi alla Crocetta - Firenze
Management and new approaches to the web and Revenue

Excellent collaboration that has allowed us to discover a new type of management and approach, both to the world of the web and Revenue.

Marco Murtas
Arcobaleno Rooms - Cagliari
Really exceptional staff

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with the Franco Grasso team regarding the Revenue of my small hotel for a long time.
I also had the opportunity to participate in the Revenue Academy which, as well as being a wonderful experience with hoteliers from all over Italy, has provided me with a lot of knowledge on the subject, very useful for when I carry on independently.
The staff are truly exceptional, especially Alice Caddeo who shows a real passion for her work.
Her organisation, precision, accuracy and willingness to help make her unbeatable and, although hundreds of kilometres away, she still feels part of our Business.
Great team!

Daniele Bellemo
Park Hotel - Chioggia (VE)
Territorial network of businesses with a 2-digit increase in turnover

My facility is part of a network of businesses created thanks to the support of Franco Grasso’s staff.
This year [2017] was the first year for us and I have to say, after analysing the data of the entire network, a very positive year with a 2-digit increase in turnover.
What struck me was the very professional relationship without failing to meet the needs of each individual facility.

Ioletta Como
Agriturismo Panzanello - Firenze
The best investment I could make

I’ve worked with the Franco Grasso Revenue Team for three years now and it has been the best investment I could make participating in the first Revenue Academy.
Thanks to their professionalism and knowledge of the tourist market, I have approached this world with different eyes, or rather with eyes ready to meet the needs of my customers.
I always recommend those who work in the hotel or agriturismo sector to listen to your ideas. And every question will be answered.
Thank you, thank you very much for the support you have given me and will continue to give me in the years to come.
Another important thing that I would not underestimate: the working relationship is certainly important, but with this wonderful team I also have a delightful human relationship that nowadays behind a computer is always difficult to have.

Hotel Duomo - Siena
Now I have discovered another dynamic world!

Thanks to you I have discovered a dynamic world, 1+1 can make 3 and sometimes even 4 or 5.
Revenue is essential to increase turnover against the same costs!!!!

Marina Pieroncini
Casa Oliva Albergo Diffuso - Bargni Serrungarina (PU)
Increased turnover by 30%

Thanks to the collaboration with the Franco Grasso Team and their strategies, my facility has a turnover greater by 30%.
I do not hide the fact that I had to review my behaviour and prejudices, with no little difficulty, but I acknowledge the good work that has been done and I hope it will be better next year.

Rossano Ercolani
Hotel Europa Rimini
Willingness to help and expertise to always have the best conditions and quotes for sales

My Forecast Manager Marina Knyazeva has always been hyper-helpful and very skilled.
I have often seen tariff changes late in the evening or even at night so that I can always have the best possible conditions and quotes for sales.
My opinion of the Franco Grasso Revenue Team and Marina in particular is excellent.

Isabella Zinna
Hotel Laguna Blu - Torre Pedrera (RN)
If only we had done it sooner

Since 2014 we have started a consulting relationship with the Franco Grasso team and since then it has been wonderful.
Our hotel is family-run and we offered guests the usual full board on the Romagna Riviera.
My mother was the cook but after many years she was tired and for a small hotel like ours, hiring a professional cook would have been hard, pretty expensive.
So Franco Grasso’s team proposed that we offered bed and breakfast, but that would surely result in the loss of our customers.
We wanted to trust them, and now all we can say is: IF ONLY WE HAD DONE IT SOONER!
I thank the Forecast Manager who supports us, Antonio Di Febo, for his professionalism, willingness to help and the sensitivity he shows us every day; without him now we would feel lost!!

Andrea Mele
Mariano IV Palace Hotel - Oristano
Surprising results in just a short time. Optimism for the future

We quickly achieved surprising results.
The Forecast Manager is always attentive, friendly and helpful, he supports us step by step.
We are very optimistic about the future.

Fabrizio Melucci
Hotel Grifone - Bellariva di Rimini (RN)
Results from the very first year of consulting

We have been supported by the Franco Grasso Revenue Team for some years but our consulting experience only started last year [2016]. I must say that we are extremely pleased with operations and the results achieved in this year.
The working relationship that has been created is very efficient and effective, we immediately found a synergy between our experience and the Revenue knowledge of our Forecast Manager.
We thank him for the valuable work he does every day for us and for our facility.
I do not hide the fact that we would never have imagined that we would have achieved significant results from the first year of consulting.

Marisa Giordano
B&b Jonio - Roma
Unrivalled Revenue Consulting

Forecast Manager Gemma Siani’s Revenue consulting is unrivalled.
Always willing to help and always proactive.
You’re the best!

Daniela Lucchese
Bouganville Hotel Palace - Belvedere Marittimo - (CS)
A stimulating and satisfying collaboration. The work we have done together has led to important results

Our collaboration with the Franco Grasso Revenue Team began in June 2017. They have supported us since our start-up phase and today we are more than satisfied with the work done together and the results achieved. Thanks to their collaboration, we were able to reach numbers that we hadn’t dreamed of.
Working with the instructions of the Revenue Team is stimulating for any hotelier or tourist operator who sees in tourism a potential that, if exploited well and properly taken advantage of, can give great satisfaction.
Not everyone initially understands these new ways of operating, we must be open to new situations and careful, and above all we must leave behind the old cliches which so many in this sector have always believed.
You work dynamically, you always have to be trained and continuously updated, and this dynamism really makes a difference in work and in life. Your team also slowly learns to be dynamic and this helps above all in the work and identification of your own brand that differentiates you from all others who operate in a completely different way from you.
The team is always available to help, ready to answer any question, always online and attentive to any important issue.
Sometimes they almost become an integral part of your internal team!
They are young but very smart and above all have a particular vocation for the work they do.
Special thanks go to our Forecast Manager Massimo Diodato, an extremely professional person who has supported us carefully and objectively during these months. He has paid a great deal of attention to the work he has done and we are very pleased to have such a person who is constantly supporting us in the steps we take. We wish him in particular a future rich in professional success.

Sabrina Meini
Park Hotel Marinetta - Livorno
Improved turnover, prices and quality

We approached Franco Grasso’s Revenue Team 4 years ago, when our owner participated in ReWork.
From there began a collaboration that led to an increase in turnover. We have also taken part in Revenue Academy.
The collaboration was therefore profitable both in terms of turnover and because they taught us a lot, making us pay attention not only to the price but also to the quality of the services offered.
This year we will be walking unaided; we have purchased the Revolution Plus software although the Team has offered their support in case of need.
We thank the team of Franco Grasso and above all Ennio Peronti – our Forecast Manager – for looking after us and for their very attentive collaboration.

Valentina Bruno
Locanda Bellevue - Pré-Saint Didier (AO)
A new vision, thanks to Revenue Management

What can I say? Revenue has opened up a new world for me and with my Forecast Manager we have made some fantastic increases in just two months.
It’ll be even better in the future.

Simone Erriu
Residence Il Vittoriano - Roma
I wouldn't have had the same results without Franco Grasso's team.

For several years I have collaborated with the Franco Grasso Revenue Team and with the help of Antonio Di Febo, my Forecast Manager, I have achieved goals that I could never have achieved alone.
Thanks especially to all the staff.
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Elena Pison
Hotel Europa Executive - Belluno
Results and profits beyond our objectives

All the staff of the Franco Grasso Revenue Team are very professional and attentive. In almost 4 years of consulting, not only have the objectives been achieved, but even exceeded. Revenue philosophy can be hard to digest at first, but then it has a delicious flavour!

I recommend to everyone the Revenue Academy experience, it will open their minds. A special thank you to Antonio Di Febo, Forecast Manager, advisor and friend.

Davide Consorti
Hotel Continental - Tortoreto (TE)
If only I’d worked with Revenue goals all my life

After last season with the Franco Grasso Revenue Team I can say that a new world has opened up to me, indeed a new way of seeing things and not just at work. First of all, I have to say that facing the summer season with Revenue goals is much more fun from every point of view. This dynamism is great for the customer who can book at affordable rates at certain times, but for us operators too who often see high-season bookings at rates that we previously considered unthinkable and that are sometimes even higher even after removing the OTA commissions.
Changing the rates every day is just the tip of the iceberg of the job you do that is the result of a serious and complex all-round evaluation and analysis.
I would also say that Revenue has such universal applicability that I often seem to see it everywhere I look, I wonder if it could be applied in supermarkets and in the sale of concert and football match tickets too.
I would also like the Tortoreto beach umbrella operators, who still think in terms of fixed rates per umbrella, to learn the effects and the benefits of hiring beach umbrellas at dynamic rates!!
I have been quite open to embracing these dynamics, despite the fact that I was used to very different pricing policies, but it is really difficult to discuss these ideas and changes with my colleagues, whether they are hoteliers or umbrella operators.
And I suppose that’s a big obstacle for you, too.
In spite of everything, I’ll carry on ploughing my own furrow. Who knows, maybe in ten years’ time in Tortoreto there will no longer be those darn fixed price lists that, by the way, looking at them again, are pretty ugly too. I think I can say that today, thanks to you, being a hotelier is much more fun!
I would never go back!
Thanks to Franco Grasso and Antonio Di Febo, our Forecast Manager, who supports us and is always willing to help, and to the entire Revenue Team!

Fabio Giulianelli
St. Peter' Six Rooms & Suites - Roma
Doing Forecasting for Revenue Management 365 days a year

From the first approach I had a great impression of the team, starting with the first salesperson who responded to our contact request and ending with the various Forecast Managers who supported us. The results were excellent and we are satisfied with our choice. Particular applause is due to Massimo Diodato, the Forecast Manager who supported us for the longest time. Extremely professional and helpful. Over time we have realised that being a Forecast Manager is not an easy job, you can’t get distracted even for a second and you have to be on the case 365 days a year. Well, Massimo is a shining example of a Forecast Manager. Our thanks go to him for his great professionalism and we send the entire Revenue Team our best wishes for a 2018 full of success and professional achievements.

Maria Dibattista
Hotel Camera Ducale - Gravina di Puglia (BA)
A winning philosophy to Increase your revenue

A winning philosophy that, once discovered, belongs to you. Almost two years ago, we found out “The Art of Making Revenue” thanks to the lucky encounter between Franco Grasso and his Team. Since then, a real revolution has started… in our revenue, work, and trust in the possibilities the tourism industry can offer. A heartfelt thanks for showing us the main path, with professionalism and generosity.

Zenobio Sargenti
Agriturismo Villa Arsicci - Senigallia (AN)
Online brand reputation at the highest level

It’s been almost a year since I entrusted my hotel to the Revenue Team’s consulting services, and I have to say the improvements were visible from the very first day. We have managed to have many guests since the first weeks and this led our online brand reputation to the highest level, beyond the rosiest expectations. Within a few months, we reached a sales volume that I believed and wished I would reach only after two or three years. I’m really satisfied.

Martina House - Roma
Doing very well in high and low season

Precise and punctual, always paying attention to any need and requested suggestion. Thanks to their support, I’m learning a different way to work and my hotel is doing very well in high and low season.

Melanie e Philipp Aukenthaler
Hotel Aurora - Merano (BZ)
In line with our needs as hoteliers

It’s a concrete relationship with a team of super motivated people who, with great professional dedication, have significantly contributed to the growth of our hotel. Franco Grasso’s consulting offer is in line with our needs as hoteliers. They are available 24/7 and reply very quickly.

Marco Onofri
Hotel Letizia - Igea Marina (RN)
Happy to have demolished the usual commonplaces

We met Franco Grasso almost four years ago. It was a tough time for our hotel as we were trying to adapt the sales management to a more up-to-date demand. We were aware that everything that had been done excellently up until that moment by our parents was starting to plod along behind a world, the tourism. Thanks to the internet, this world was going at a higher speed than ours and asked us for answers we weren’t ready to give that quickly. In our mind, we had different ideas that lacked a leading theme though – Franco helped us find it. The cooperation with Franco and the Revenue Team has been stimulating since the beginning, because it forced us to study and be way more up-to-date than what we had done until that moment. Moreover, we had to learn to call into question beliefs and commonplaces to get to improve the hotel’s results. We are happy of the taken path as this cooperation led us to better ourselves and obviously because the hotel’s results have improved.

Leano Antonacci
Hotel Villa Fiorita - Giulianova (TE)
Revenue techniques: a window on the future

It’s been 2 years since Villa Fiorita (Giulianova) started working with Franco Grasso’s Revenue Team, which I consider one of the collaborations that have given me the idea of being an incessant and progressive growth the most. Those who love this job and believe in the professional growth through the development of their own tourist and hospitality business can’t and must not underestimate the existence of these new pricing analysis techniques (and the term is reductive!). Not approaching one’s sales techniques according to Revenue Management, in my opinion, can be compared to a closed window to the future, denying new different and important possibilities to one’s own expectations. Revenue Management may be seen as the main incentive for the staff’s development on the socio-economic changes we are surrounded by every day..!!! Professor Grasso managed to put together a young but extremely valid group of people.

Maddalena Rosi
Hotel Excelsior - La Maddalena (SS)
Start-up delivered with accuracy and professionalism

I’ve recently started my collaboration with the Team, therefore I can just comment the start-up service, during which I have been supported with accuracy and professionalism. The girls I worked with proved to be absolutely open to dialog and carefully explained me what our collaboration would consist of. Little by little, I’m sure the collaboration will become profitable and satisfactory!

Gianna Troiani
Hotel Don Juan - Giulianova (TE)
Promptness and availability, the flagship of the team

Promptness and availability are the flagship of the Revenue Team.
They can be easily reached both at the phone and online, at any time. They are very dynamic and attentive to all our -sometimes uneasy- requests, which are fulfilled with diligence and precision.

Sergio Fusi
Hotel Tris - Orbetello (GR)
A new way to present yourself to the market

After three years of collaboration with the Team, we can consider ourselves satisfied with the obtained results. We are thankful for helping us understand and learn what we believed to be a totally new way to present ourselves in the market. We have learnt a lot and way more we will in order to reach even bigger goals!

Marco Francesconi
Hotel Piccadilly - Lido di Camaiore (LU)
Franco Grasso brought a "smile" back to our registers

Applying Revenue Management techniques is not only a possibility but a need, when in a difficult economic situation like in these years we are living. Franco Grasso’s Team turned the negative trend of the last years around, bringing the “smile” back to our registers… Extremely prepared, professional and always ready to give the right suggestion at the right time. They supported and guided us through brave choices, leading us directly to success.

Riccardo Morini
Quadra Key Residence - Firenze
We see them as an integral part of our company

It’s really impossible not to praise them… as a matter of fact, it would be hard to find a reason to criticize them! The ability to offer an effective availability 24h a day with punctuality, the rapidity to solve any doubts or give answers, the friendliness in the communication (that never hurts!) make us see them as an integral part of our company, not “just” external advisors. We have acquired more operative reassurance and recovered the energies to invest in a continuous educational upgrade. Go Team!

Francesco Gori
Hotel Diana e Hotel St Moritz - Bellaria Igea Marina (RN)
https://bit.ly/2usNt0E https://bit.ly/2pIFnMD
The turning point that made us be reborn

Writing a review on the Revenue Team and Franco&Franco’s consulting is a “hard” job as the addressee of this review (the possible client) is looking for an evidence that could lead him to abandon the old ideology of the static pricing list to embrace the philosophy of the dynamic rate. We don’t believe in “magic wands”, we believe in development and the need to change searching for the redefinition of the company’s goals, the first of which is having greater profit margins: in this regard, choosing the Revenue philosophy has been essential!
We took the choice into consideration also believing in this radical organizational change.
The Revenue Team has always been there with an efficient monitoring service (thanks to the web interface “Revolution”) and providing answers via email almost in real time.
I’d like to quote a sentence by Paulo Coelho:
“Really important meetings are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other. Generally speaking, these meetings occur when we reach a limit, when we need to die and be reborn emotionally..”
Clearly, “bodies and souls” have nothing to do with this context, but the choice of a Revenue philosophy was taken in a moment when our company needed to change direction in its management. Essentially, it had gotten to a cutoff point that didn’t give any space to development, nor to that motivational push that’s at the base of the business engine… thus, in a way, we needed to die (abandoning the old sales philosophy) and be reborn emotionally (embracing Revenue Management).

Marco Piccolo
Palazzo Papaleo - Otranto (LE)
A team... that never sleeps!

After attending many courses held by Franco Grasso over the years, I decided to entrust Palazzo Papaleo hotel to the “Italian Revenue Management guru” and his Revenue Team. The decision was taken both to lighten my job in the company and to better understand the working method of these young and really capable guys! A team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A group of workers that tirelessly keep us company with their emails even at night…Because this is a team that never sleeps!
Thank you guys for always being there for us!

Eleonora Gordini
Residence Hotel Al Bosco - Grado (GO)
Results that amazed everyone

Let’s start by saying that I was managing my hotel in the old style:
– Waiting for customers to come by;
– Advertising the Hotel via printed material or some local broadcasts at the most
– Entrusting to agencies or the tourist office of the area
– Waiting for someone to bump into our website
Last year, we opened Residence Hotel Al Bosco-s season and immediately started applying Revenue Management. It was pure revolution!!! At the beginning, we had some doubts since we didn’t know it very well. However, little by little, we put into practice all the techniques we were learning depending on the arising issue. We applied the Revenue method, reaching results that amazed everyone: not only us but also many other hotels in the area.
We are in 2015 now, we will open the season earlier than other hotels here.
Customers are still interested in our hotel, we’ve received many reservations both from the internet and directly. In conclusion, we can’t help but thank Revenue Management!!!

Francesco Pacilli
Regiohotel Manfredi - Manfredonia (FG)
The best for all those companies that have to face a continuousy evolving market

A staff that is open to dialog and professionally reliable. It’s the best for all those companies that have to face a dynamic and continuously evolving market.

Luca Betta
Hotel Rudy - Riva del Garda (TN)
Franco Grasso showed us that the world of tourism is continuously evolving

Managing to get the Revenue perspective is not easy at the beginning. Franco Grasso and his collaborators guided us through this path that gave great results, and showed us that the world of tourism and Revenue Management are continuously evolving; what was new yesterday is just routine today and needs to be changed again… Being flexible and ahead of time to be fully ready is an integral part of success!

Suor Rosa Maria e il suo staff
Domus Mariae Benessere – Siracusa
Within 12 months' time we have registered a productivity increase of over 70%

We decided to avail ourselves of Franco Grasso’s Team’s collaboration in November 2012. Despite the legitimate starting fears about the drastic change of pricing strategy, within 12 months’ time we registered a productivity increase of over 70% with evident benefits. Our contact person proved to be always ready and available to solve any doubt and meet our needs, both via email and at the phone. Perhaps, the responsiveness in price dynamism should be higher when the hotel receives many reservations, but there’s always time for improvement.

Raffaella Rolla
Hotel Palace – Senigallia (AN)
The number of customers and reviews as well as the income have improved... the costs have decreased!

I have never been skeptical about the theories on which Revenue Management is based, on the contrary I consider myself a strong supporter of such approach. Attending different meetings and workshops held by Franco Grasso, my enthusiasm and interest in Revenue have definitely become greater. Our collaboration only started in April 2014, therefore I have great expectations for the upcoming season.
To this day, I am confident about some very important aspects that emerged from the work with the Team: growth of the foreign clientele (20% more compared to the total number of guests registered in 2013), increase in the number of reviews on the main travel web portals, increase in the sales volume (even if to a small extent compared to the previous year, there has been a significant reduction of the expenses related the purchase of raw material), synergy with the members of the Team. At the beginning, it was obviously necessary to go through a trial stage to understand the rate management dynamics. Currently, I am definitely pleased with the availability of the Team I relate to. Whenever we have had a problem, they have always proved to be willing and ready to find the solution.

Antonio e Amelia
Hotel Lido Vieste - Vieste (FG)
An external office that has been taking care of our hotel constantly

Franco Grasso Revenue Team’s consulting mainly means for us having an external office that constantly takes care of our hotel, paying attention to the evaluation of the best pricing strategies. Moreover, their coaching allowed us to develop our potential, improving the performance of our personal front office.

Marianna Bruscoli
Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo – Urbino (PU)
Constant support: the success of the entire strategy

The experience with the Revenue Team changed the way our company Tenuta Santi approaches the market. We went from a stage of static rates to one of rate dynamism that led to a noteworthy occupancy increase over 2014. We believe that the constant support that the Revenue Team daily offers to our Urbino Resort staff is the success of this strategy. Together with great professionalism and a long-term view, this represents the key to success in the hospitality market, in a period of crisis. Moreover, the Revenue Team’s kindness and youth are their plus value that makes the collaboration worthwhile under every aspect.
Thanks to the Revenue Team, not only is the rate management dynamic, but also is our daily relation with experts who are always willing to fulfill our needs and solve our doubts.

Carlo Lunati
Borgo Valle Rita - Ginosa (TA)
Revenue Management done with consideration and enthusiasm

We entrusted in Franco Grasso Revenue Team’s hands two years ago by now, reaching great results. I think we would have never chosen to apply Revenue Management, if we hadn’t met them. Everything is done with care, professionalism and much enthusiasm. It’s a group of well-prepared and always available young workers. I will soon make use of other services, as I’m convinced that they will bring many benefits.

Fabio Docche
Geovillage Hotel - Olbia
Outstanding increase in the turnover and daily availability

It’s our third year with Franco Grasso Revenue Team and I can assert that I have reached amazing results with an outstanding increase in the turnover. The whole staff is constantly available every day, which has led us to concrete and important results and goals, maximizing our incomes.
Thanks to everybody and…Go Revenue!

Dario e Lucio Da Zanche
Hotel Alexander - Gabicce Mare (PU)
Mental and entrepreneurial revolution

A mental and entrepreneurial revolution that has allowed us to optimize the occupancy rate and boost the income!

Emilia Esposito
Hotel Le Terrazze - Conca dei Marini (SA)
A superb emotional experience!

I’m Emilia Esposito, owner of Le Terrazze in Conca dei Marini, hotel that has been supported by Franco Grasso’s staff for a year. I’d like to praise Franco Grasso for his collaborators: I have just finalized the two courses held in Salerno at the Chamber of Commerce and it was a superb emotional experience.
They gave me the hope that my daughters can reset everything that doesn’t work and, with professionalism, result of study and continuous updating, get a new world moving again. Thanks and good luck with your job! Emilia Esposito, hotelier in… crisis!

Nicolás Catalano
Hotel Viamonte
Our hotel's rebirth

Since the moment we started working with Franco Grasso Revenue Team, we have only had satisfactions. The great professionalism of the Team and the obtained results are outstanding. They completely changed our marketing strategies and helped us improve the hotel’s profits and brand reputation.

Vuoi fare Revenue? Qui c'è tutto quello che ti serve!